Treating the body as an exhibition space, Ríon designs each garment to be a walking piece of art. Creating an experience for both the garment and the wearer. With her love for both natural dying and neon colours, the juxtaposition between natural and unnatural is a common theme throughout her work. With wide influences from ammature graffitti, club culture and the Baroque Era, her creations often find themselves in the grey area in between fine art and fashion. 

Although she is a ‘slow fashion’ enthusiast she has worked alongside many designers across the globe including Cahrles Jeffrey LOVERBOY and YSL.

In October 2023, Ríon led the organisation of ‘Dublin Independent Fashion Weekend’ which took place over three days. This event showcased innovative Irish design while also giving seven Irish designers the platform to showcase their work to the public. 

Ríon currently works from her studio in Dublin, creating garments for humans of all sorts.



Om Diva Boutique
Beautiful South
Indigo & Cloth
Galeri Caernarfo


ML 10 Studios

Ríon Hannora        2024